Florida is home to at least 52 native species of amphibians (Class Amphibia). Many nonnative species also have established breeding populations in the state. Amphibians are intermediate between aquatic fishes and terrestrial reptiles. Most use external fertilization and have aquatic larvae, but adults spend much of their time on land. The order Anura (frogs and toads) can be identified by their unique calls that they use to attract mates. The 15 species of amphibians listed below have been documented to occur in NATL either by formal survey techniques or by informal observations.

Class Amphibia

Bufo Toads
   Anaxyrus terrestris     Southern Toad
Family HYLIDAETreefrogs
Acris Cricket Frogs
     Acris gryllus dorsalis    Florida Cricket Frog 
     Hyla cinerea    Green Treefrog
     Hyla femoralis     Pine Woods Treefrog 
     Hyla squirella    Squirrel Treefrog 
     Osteopilus septentrionalis     Cuban Treefrog*
PseudacrisChorus Frogs
     Pseudacris crucifer bartramiana     Southern Spring Peeper
     Pseudacris ocularis     Little Grass Frog
Family LEPTODACTYLIDAENeotropical Frogs
     Eleutherodactylus planirostris    Greenhouse Frog
Family MICROHYLIDAENarrowmouth Toads
GastrophryneNarrowmouth Toads
     Gastrophryne carolinensis carolinensis    Eastern Narrowmouth Toad
Family PELOBATIDAESpadefoot Toads
ScaphiopusSpadefoot Toads
     Scaphiopus holbrookii holbrookii    Eastern Spadefoot Toad 
Family RANIDAETrue Frogs
RanaTrue Frogs
   Lithobates catesbeiana    Bullfrog
   Lithobates clamitans clamitans    Bronze Frog
   Lithobates sphenocephala    Leopard Frog
Family AMBYSTOMATIDAEMole Salamanders
     Ambystoma talpoideum     Mole Salamander
Family AMPHIUMIDAE Amphiumas
     Amphiuma means    Two-toed Amphiuma
     Notophthalmus viridescens piaropicola    Peninsula Newt

* First found in NATL on 16 July 2008