NATL's butterflies are particularly well known because, in 1996-98, Hugo Kons made a two-year study of what species occur in the principal NATL ecosystems and when they could be found. With one exception, the list below is from his report.

The signs listed after the names of some butterflies were produced by Elena Ortiz-Acevedo, as part of her 2014 minigrant project. These signs can be found throughout NATL.



Subfamily Pyrginae

Epargyreus clarus

Silver-Spotted Skipper

Urbanus proteus (sign)

Long-Tailed Skipper, Bean Leafroller

Urbanus dorantes (sign)

Brown Long-Tailed or Dorantes Skipper

Thorybes pylades

Northern Cloudy-wing

Thorybes confusis

Confused Cloudy-wing

Erynnis juvenalis

Juvenalis Dusky-wing

Erynnis horatius

Horaces Dusky-wing

Erynnis zarucco

Zarucco Dusky-wing

Pyrgus communis

Checkered Skipper

Pyrgus oileus

Tropical Checkered Skipper

Subfamily Hesperiinae

Nastra l'herminier

Swarthy Skipper

Lerema accius

Clouded Skipper

Ancyloxpha numitor

Least Skipper(ling)

Copaeodes minima

Tiny Skipper

Hylephila phyleus

Firery Skipper

Polites baracoa

Little Tawny Edge

Polites vibex


Wallengrenia otho

Southern (Red) Broken Dash

Wallengrenia egeremet

Northern (Brown) Broken Dash

Pompeius verna

Little Glassy Wing

Atalopedes campestris


Atrytone logan

Deleware or Black-Vein Skipper

Problema byssus

Byssus or Golden Skipper

Poanes yehl

Yehl or Southern Skipper

Euphyes vestris

Dun Skipper, Sedge Witch

Euphyes dion*

Dion Skipper

Amblyscirtes aesculapius

Cobweb Little Skipper

Lerodea eufala

Eufala or Grey Skipper

Oligoria maculata

Three Spot Skipper

Calpodes ethlius

Canna or Brazilian Skipper

Panoquina ocola

Ocola or Long-Winged Skipper

Subfamily Megathyminae

Megathymus yuccae

Yucca (Giant) Skipper



Battus philenor

Pipevine Swallowtail

Papilio polyxenes

Eastern Black Swallowtail

Heraclides cresphontes (sign)

Giant Swallowtail

Papilio glaucus

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

Papilio troilus (sign)

Spicebush Swallowtail

Pterourus palamedes (sign)

Laurel or Palamedes Swallowtail

Eurytides marcellus

Zebra Swallowtail


Pontia protodice

Checkered White, S. Cabbage Worm

Pieris rapae

Cabbage White, European Cabbage Bfly

Colias eurytheme

Orange Sulphur, Alfalfa Butterfly

Phoebis sennae (sign)

Cloudless Sulphur

Phoebis philea (sign)

Orange Barred Sulphur

Eurema lisa

Little Sulphur

Eurema nicippe

Sleepy or Rambling Orange

Eurema daira (sign)

Barred Yellow


Atlides halesus (sign)

Great Purple Hairstreak

Satyrium favonius

Oak Hairstreak

Satyrium calanus

Banded Hairstreak

Calycopis cecrops

Redbanded Hairstreak

Parhassius m-album (sign)

White M Hairstreak

Strymon melinus (sign)

Grey Hairstreak

Hemiargus ceraunus

Southern or Ceraunus Blue


Subfamily Heliconiinae

Agraulis vanillae

Gulf Fritillary

Heliconius charitonius

Zebra Long Wing

Subfamily Nymphalinae

Polygonia interrogationis (sign)

Question Mark

Vanessa virginiensis

Hunters Butterfly, American Painted Lady

Vanessa cardui

Cosmopolitan, Thistle Butterfly, Painted Lady

Vanessa atlanta

Red Admiral

Junonia coenia (sign)

Common Buckeye

Anartia jatrophe

White Peacock

Phyciodes phaon (sign)

Phaon or Mat Plant Crescent

Phyciodes tharos

Pearl Crescent

Subfamily Limenitidinae

Limenitis arthemis astyanax

Red Spotted Purple

Limenitis archippus (sign)


Subfamily Apaturinae

Asterocampa celtis (sign)

Hackberry Emperor

Asterocampa clyton

Tawny Emperor

Subfamily Satyrinae

Enodia portlandia

Southern Pearly Eye

Satyrodes appalachia

Appalachian Eyed Brown

Hermeuptychia hermes (sign)

Carolina Satyr

Megisto cymela (sign)

Little Wood Satyr

Subfamily Danainae

Danaus plexippus (sign)


Danaus gilippus


Subfamily Libytheinae

Libytheana carinenta

Snout Butterfly

Species collected within 1.5 miles of Natural Area Boundary

Poanes aaroni

Aaron's Skipper

Poanes viator

Broad Winged (Marsh) Skipper

Zerene cessonia

(Eastern) Dog Face Sulphur

Nathalis iole

Dainty Sulphur

Celastrina ladon

Common Blue, Spring Azure

Euptoieta claudia

Variegated Fritillary

*On 18 Oct 2010, from the SEEP boardwalk, Akers Pence spotted an unknown skipper that he captured and identified as Euphyes dion. This record was verified by Hugo Kons who caught two additional specimens in SEEP.