Florida is home to at least 95 species of mammals (Class Mammalia), ten of which have been introduced or recently expanded their range into the state. Many nonnative species also have established breeding populations in the state. Mammals have several characteristics that set them apart from other vertebrates. Some of the most notable include mammary glands and hair. Except for the bats, mammals listed below have been documented to occur in NATL either by formal survey techniques or casual observations. Dr. Jackie Belwood provided the list of bats based on their expected occurrence in the air above NATL, either routinely or during their migrations.

= Time-expanded echolocating call; each sample lasts ten times longer than natural, and its frequency (“pitch”) is dropped to one-tenth of natural, to make the ultrasonic call audible to human ears.

Class Mammalia

Family DidelphidaeOpossums
     Didelphis virginiana     Virginia Opossum
Order EDENTATA Anteaters, Sloths, Armadillos
Family Dasypodidae Armadillos
     Dasypus novemcinctus    Nine-banded Armadillo
Order LAGOMORPHA Rabbits, Hares and Pikas
Family Leporidae Rabbits and Hares
     Sylvilagus floridanus     Cottontail Rabbit
     Sylvilagus palustris     Marsh Rabbit
Order RODENTIARodents
Family SciuridaeSquirrels
     Sciurus carolinensis    Eastern Grey Squirrel
Family CricetidaeNew World Rats, Mice, etc.
     Sigmodon hispidus    Hispid Cotton Rat
     Peromyscus gossypinus    Cotton Mouse (more)
Family VespertilionidaeTwilight Bats
     Eptesicus fuscus    Big Brown Bat  
     Lasiurus borealis    Red Bat  
     Lasiurus intermedius    Northern Yellow Bat
     Lasiurus seminolus    Seminole Bat
     Myotis austroriparius    Southeastern Bat (more)
     Nycticeius humeralis    Evening Bat
     Pipistrellus subflavus    Eastern Pipistrelle
Family MolossidaeFree-tailed Bats
     Tadarida brasiliensis cynocephala    Brazilian Free-tailed Bat (more)  
Order INSECTIVORAInsectivores
Family TalpidaeMoles
     Scalopus aquaticus    Eastern Mole (more)
Order CARNIVORAFlesh-eating Mammals
Family ProcyonidaeRaccoons
     Procyon lotor    Raccoon
Family CanidaeDogs, Wolves, Foxes
     Canis latrans     Coyote**
     Urocyon cinereoargenteus    Gray Fox (more)
     Vulpes vulpes     Red Fox (more)**
Family FelidaeCats
     Felis domesticus    Feral Housecat
Order ARTIODACTYLAEven-toed Ungulates
Family Cervidae Deer
     Odocoileus virginianus    White-tailed Deer*

* White-tailed deer, tracks observed by Jennifer Gillett-Kaufman on 12 June 2012. Further evidence and sightings of a doe were noted until approximately October 2012. A white-tailed doe was spotted again 31 May 2016 by UGTA, Alex LoCastro.

**Lary Reeves spotted what he thought to be a coyote 23 December 2015. The presence of the coyote and NATL's first record of a red fox were confirmed via camera trap photos from Dr. Bob McCleery's Wildlife Techniques class.