Florida is home to at least 88 native species of reptiles (Class Reptilia). Many nonnative species also have established breeding populations in the state. Reptiles have characteristics intermediate between amphibians and those of mammals and birds. The complete terrestrial existence of reptiles was made possible with the evolution of the amniotic egg as well as an integument of the epidermal scales and improved respiratory, excretory, and circulatory mechanisms. All of the reptiles listed below have been documented to occur in NATL either by formal survey techniques or casual observations.

Class Reptilia

Family ALLIGATORIDAEAlligators and Caimans
     Alligator mississippiensis    American Alligator
Family EMYDIDAEBox and Water Turtles
Pseudemys Cooters
     Pseudemys floridana    Florida Cooter
TerrapeneBox Turtles
     Terrapene carolina bauri     Florida Box Turtle
  Trachemys scripta scripta     Yellow-bellied slider
Family CHELYDRIDAESnapping Turtles and Big-headed Turtles
ChelydraSnapping Turtles
     Chelydra serpentina    Snapping Turtle
Family TESTUDINIDAETortoises
     Gopherus polyphemus     Gopher Tortoise
Family IGUANIDAEIguanids
     Anolis carolinenis     Green Anole (more)
     Anolis sagrei    Brown Anole (more)
SceloporusSpiney Lizards
     Sceloporus undulatus undulatus     Southern Fence Lizard (more)
Family SCINCIDAESkinks
     Eumeces inexpectatus     Southeastern Five-lined Skink (more)
     Eumeces fasciatus     Five-lined Skink
     Eumeces laticeps     Broad-headed Skink (more)
ScincellaGround Skinks
     Scincella lateralis    Ground Skink (more)
Family BOIDAEBoas and Pythons
     Boa constrictor     Boa Constrictor (see note 1)
Family COLUBRIDAEColubrid Snakes
     Coluber constricter    Black Racer (more)
DiadophisRingneck Snakes
     Diadophis punctatus punctatus    Southern Ringneck Snake
ElapheRat Snakes
     Pantherophis alleghaniensis    Yellow Rat Snake (more)
NerodiaWater Snakes
     Nerodia fasciata pictiventris    Florida Banded Watersnake
TantillaCrowned Snakes
     Tantilla relicta neilli    Central Florida Crowned Snake
ThamnophisGarter and Ribbon Snakes
     Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis    Eastern Garter Snake
Family ELAPIDAECoral Snakes and Cobras
MicrurusCoral Snakes
     Micrurus fulvius fulvius    Eastern Coral Snake
Family VIPERIDAEVipers and Pit Vipers
AgkistrodonCottonmouths, Copperheads
     Agkistrodon piscivorus conanti    Water Moccasin (see note 2)

Note 1: In October 2003, a large Boa Constrictor (Boa constrictor) was found in NATL in grid square H5. It had a rabbit in its stomach and was probably a pet that had been released or escaped.

Note 2: Occurs in central marsh of NATL-east; not known from SEEP.