Preliminary Report
Detailed Inventory of Soil Resources
Natural Area Teaching Laboratory

Dr. Mary E. Collins
Soil and Water Science Dept.
June 30, 2000

Fig.16. The 2000 soil map of the NATL.
Soils Legend - 2000 Soil Map of the NATL.

A= Arredondo

B = Bibb

Bi = Bivans

Bl = Blichton

K = Kanapaha

L = Lochloosa

L/C = Lochloosa, clayey subsoil phase

Lv = Lochloosa, thin surface variant

M = Millhopper

M/C = Millhopper, clayey subsoil phase

Mi = Micanopy

N = Nobleton

S = Sparr

S/C = Sparr, clayey subsoil phase

Ud = Udorthents


The detailed inventory of the soil resources at the NATL shows complex landscapes that are being influenced by the underlying clay layers of the Hawthorn or Alachua geologic formations. The soils in the higher lying southeastern area of the NATL have clay layers at the shallowest depths. The soils in this area contain phosphatic clays and have poor natural drainage. Depth to the clays and drainage of the soils changes abruptly with slight changes in the slope configuration of the landscape.

The complexity of the landscapes and associated soils should provide excellent opportunities for challenging research studies by students.