NATL Super Volunteers

At its 27 Apr 2006 meeting, when the Natural Area Advisory Committee [NAAC] established the award category of “Super Volunteer,” it endorsed the following definitions and procedures.

What is a super volunteer?

Volunteers are those who contribute to NATL in excess of what would be expected by virtue of their position (e.g., their being the Provost or a member of NAAC). A super volunteer is a volunteer who contributes a significant excess over an extended time period.

How should super volunteers be identified?

Anyone may propose that a person be recognized as a NATL super volunteer by submitting to the NAAC Chair a list of that person’s contributions to NATL. The proposal will be circulated by e-mail and comments solicited. After no e-mail comments have been made for a week, a vote will be taken by e-mail. No more than one person may be elected a super volunteer in any one school year.

How should super volunteers be honored?

Super volunteers should be honored by having their contributions described and depicted in a special section of the NATL website and on a dedicated portion of the NATL academic kiosk. On the website, there will be no need to reduce the space devoted to early super volunteers as later ones are added. On the kiosk, early super volunteers may have to be identified only by name and year, with a reference to the full information on the website. At the discretion of NAAC other means of honoring a super volunteer may be used in addition to the postings on the website and kiosk.

Names (and dates of election) of NATL Super Volunteers

Kenneth N. Prestwich (April 2006)