Other Maps

Maps of pre-1994 pines
This series of maps is from a GIS layer that stores the species, DBH, position, and other noteworthy data for pines judged to have been present when NATL began in 1994. For more about these maps or to download those that are of interest, go to Maps of NATL's Pines.
Botany Department's permanent plots (1997-date)
In 1997, Botany Professor Francis E. "Jack" Putz set up six, 20 x 20 meter, permanent plots in forested portions of NATL and made the initial identifications, counts, and measurements of the trees within each. The results of this and subsequent censuses of these plots are recorded in an Excel spreadsheet.
NATL-west Grid Map (2007)
The Student Geomatics Association first surveyed the grid in 1995-96. Three years later they resurveyed it and drove metal rods into the ground to permanently mark the gridline intersections. In 2006-07 SGA updated the old grid and surveyed new gridpoints in three acres added to NATL-west in 2005.
Soils map (2000)
This map is from a preliminary report on NATL's soils by Mary Collins, Soil and Water Science Department.
NAAC conceptual plan for public area (2000)
The Natural Area Advisory Committee (NAAC) prepared this conceptual plan for NATL's public area as their contribution to the development of the master plan for the Cultural Plaza.
Cultural Plaza master plan (2001)
The Cultural Plaza master plan includes two entrances into NATL. One is via Natural Area Park, which will be reached from the Cultural Plaza by a new pedestrian way. The other is from the Florida Museum of Natural History and envisions that deliveries to Powell Hall will be from SW 34th Street, to allow the current delivery road on the southern edge of the Cultural Plaza to be cut by the entryway.
Preservation areas P1 and P2 (2004)
The yellow lines on this map show the boundaries of preservations areas P1 and P2 as defined in the 2000 update of the UF Master Plan. P1 is entirely within NATL, but NATL includes, in addition, SEEP and Natural Area Park. P2 is 12.3 acres east of Natural Area/Surge Area Drive that includes a large wetland. Two recently constructed buildings are within, or largely within, what was P2 in 2000. [Map prepared by Facilities Planning and Construction, May 2004.]
NATL-west and NATL-east (2005)
In the spring of 2005, the UF administration approved the proposal that Surge Wetland (formerly P2 and now reduced to 10.9 acres) be added to NATL as NATL-east. The original NATL, now NATL-west, is scheduled to be enlarged to 48.8 acres through the inclusion of some of the former Surge Area, thereby increasing NATL's total area from 46 to 60 acres.
Cultural Plaza master plan (2005)
This update of the 2001 Cultural Plaza master plan (see above) retains the new pedestrian way connecting the core of the Cultural Plaza with NATL. However, the assembly area for groups using this entrance into NATL is no longer a gazebo within NATL but instead is an open-air, roofed portion of a southward extension of Powell Hall.
Grid map for NATL-west (2005) [460 KB]
This map is an update of one used from 1996 to 2004 (see above) and incorporates two important changes made during the update of UF's Campus Master Plan. Firstly, NATL now includes 12 acres east of Natural Area Drive ("NATL-east") so this is a grid map only for "NATL-west." Secondly, in addition to NATL-east, about 2 acres of what was formerly the western portion of the Surge Area were added to NATL.