Activities Photo Gallery

Have you missed some of our more recent activities? We have now moved our activity updates to our Facebook and Twitter pages! Below are some highlights of what we have been doing these past few years.

2018race Southeastern Blueberry Bee Study
Sarah Anderson, a student in the Entomology Department, is studying the Southeastern Blueberry Bee in NATL's old field plots. She has set up emergent tents to catch the bees as they emerge from their underground hives. She will mark and recapture them in an effort to learn more about their biology.
2018race Watch Your Step 5K
On 10 February 2018, NATL volunteers and TAs participated in the Florida Museum of Natural History's Watch your Step 5K run. We cheered on the NATL Chair Emma Weeks as she ran!
2015burn Prescribed burn
On 12 February 2015, NATL had a very successful prescribed burn in the Restricted Upland Pine Area. This burn resulted in the highest overall burn coverage of Blocks C and D compared to any previous burns. This was also the first time that a prescribed burn had taken place in Block E.
yellowindian grass Planting of yellow indiangrass
In October 2014, Sam Hart donated eleven yellow indiangrass plants to NATL. They were planted by super volunteer Thomas Walker in Upland Pine Block E, where restoration efforts have been increased in recent years.
volunteers Gator Plunge
On 27 September 2014, members of both Student Government and Sigma Lambda Beta participated in Gator Plunge at NATL. They helped trim and clear trails, clean signs and remove trash from NATL.
volunteers Summer Plunge
On 19 July 2014, volunteers from all over UF took part in a volunteer event in NATL. The 15 volunteers received by NATL were divided into two groups, one to help clean signs and trim nature trails and the other helping to clean up South Trail by removing trash.
prescribedburn Prescribed burn
On 9 April 2014, NATL had a very successful prescribed burn in the Upland Pine Area. Public Area Blocks A and B (pictured here) were burned.
MLKvolunteers MLK Day of Service
On 20 January 2014, volunteers from Student Government helped make NATL a better place. Pictured here are 26 volunteers that spent their morning manually removing an invasive species known as coral ardisia from the Hammock Area. A total of 54 coral ardisia plants were removed, as well as trash that was found on the NATL fence line.
runningclub Running Club volunteer event
On 13 November 2013, the Running Club (a few members pictured left) helped remove trash and trim trails throughout NATL. They removed trash along the fence lines, Surge Area Drive, and roads within NATL.
volunteersplantinggrass Planting of native grasses
In the summer of 2013, twenty-eight volunteers from Summer Plunge and College of Business Warrington Welcome helped plant a large number of wiregrass, lopsided indiangrass, and purple lovegrass plugs. By August, 5000 wiregrass, 130 lopsided indiangrass, and 70 purple lovegrass plugs had been planted in Upland Pine Block E. These native grasses were planted to continue the restoration efforts of the pine ecosystem at NATL.
Service fraternity plants trees
On 14 Sep 2008, about 20 members of UF's Tau Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega, a national, co-ed service fraternity, planted 30 trees and shrubs along the fence separating NATL and the Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. This filled in several large gaps in the vegetational screen shielding NATL from the Center's parking lot.

Volunteers plant pines and wiregrass
On 14 July 2007, 25 undergraduates from the Center for Leadership and Service and six volunteer graduate-student supervisors, planted 1000 containerized longleaf pines and 700 wiregrass slips in the north block of NATL's restricted-area upland pine.
First Year Florida classes pick up trash
On 5 November 2004, nearly 30 students, from two First Year Florida classes, worked to clear NATL of trash. These six students extracted 15 large bags of bottles, rusted cans, etc. from a shallow sinkhole that had been used as a place to dump household trash prior to NATL's founding in 1993.
EMA Club's cleanup of south fence
On 24 October 1998, the Environmental Management in Agriculture Club sponsored a clean up along NATL's south boundary, where all types of litter and larger debris had accumulated for many years. Here five of the volunteers stand beside a truckload of bagged litter.
Docent instruction
Botany professor Dana Griffin tells Florida Museum of Natural History docents some of the interesting features of NATL plants. The docents will pass on this information to groups of K-to-12 students that come to the Museum (and NATL) by the busload.
Squirrel watching
A current project in NATL’s low-use area is Mark Spritzer’s study of the burying of food items by gray squirrels. Mark, a Zoology Department graduate student, uses this blind to keep the squirrels oblivious to his presence.
Pine beetle trap
Dr. John Foltz, a forest entomologist, uses this pheromone-baited trap to monitor populations of southern pine beetle, a species that a few years ago killed many mature pines in Alachua County.
Termite project
These red-painted stakes mark termite-monitoring stations maintained by USDA entomologist Weste Osbrink.