In 2009, Natalie Hooton developed signs that have color photographs and text to help users of NATL's nature trails identify vascular plants, animals, and other features of interest. These are laser printed on DURACopy® waterproof laser paper and glued to 3/32" sheet PVC with 3M Super 77® adhesive. Most of the signs are 5x4 inches (WxH) and are displayed along the nature trails on galvanized sign holders with 18-inch stakes [Gempler's Item No. G49600]. Click here for details of composing the 5x4 signs in PowerPoint.

A spreadsheet lists all NATL photosigns by the scientific and common names of the subject species and gives each sign's size, content, places of display, and other information. Each of the more than 110 signs can be viewed from NATL's Vascular Plant page via links in its master list of species. Below are four examples of these photosigns, which can be clicked on to enlarge.