The Biota section of the NATL website lists organisms that occur in the Natural Area and summarizes what is known about some of them. For each taxonomic or ecological grouping, species are listed by scientific and vernacular names. In some cases these names are hyperlinked to summary accounts that give relevant information about the species and access to other materials, such as accounts at other websites.

Vascular Plants by Scientific Name

This is the central source for data, images, and information about NATL's more than 560 species of vascular plants. Species are listed alphabetically by scientific name.

Vascular Plants by Common Name

If you don't know the scientific name of a plant of interest, you can search for it by its common name. However, be forewarned that many species have multiple common names and the ones that are less frequently used may not be in our indexes. Each common name in our indexes is linked to the scientific name most frequently associated with it.




Other Invertebrates