Ichneumon Wasps

Dr. Charles C. Porter compiled this list from his long-term studies in the NATL woods.
Because ichneumons are a very large group of mostly inconspicuous parasitoid wasps, they have no vernacular names. In addition to the scientific name of each species, the host(s) that the species attacks is listed. Dr. Porter is currently a Research Associate with the Florida State Collection of Arthropods. He received his PhD from Harvard in 1967 and was Professor of Biology at Fordham University, 1972–1993. His research interests are the taxonomy and ecology of Hymenoptera (esp. Ichneumonidae) in the New World.

Scientific nameHost(s)
Subfamily Ephialtinae
Tribe Pimplini
Calliephialtes grapholithaeCaterpillars in galls, nuts, burrows, cases
Iseropus coelebsCocoons of Malacosoma, Hemerocampa, etc.
Tromatobia rufopectusEgg sacs of spiders: Argiope, Araneus
Zaglyptus varipes incompletusSpider egg sacs
Tribe Polysphinctini
Acrotaphus wiltiiArgiopid spiders
Tribe Ephialtini
Itoplectis conquisitorVast range of exposed or semi-exposed lepidopterous prepupae/pupae
Coccygomimus aequalisWide range of lepidopterous prepupae/pupae:
e.g., Carpocapsa, Grapholitha
Coccygomimus maurusWide range of lepidopterous prepupae/pupae:
e.g., Hemerocampa, Orgyia
Tribe Theroniini
Theronia hilarisUnknown
Neotheronia bicincta
Neotheronia septemtrionalisUnknown
Tribe Poemeniini
Poemenia albipesAppears to attack hosts in dead wood
Podoschistus vittifronsColeopterous borers in dead deciduous trees
Tribe Rhyssini
Rhyssella new speciesXiphydriid larvae in dead deciduous trees
Megarhyssa atrata atrataSiricid larvae (Tremex, Eriotremex?) in dead deciduous trees
Megarhyssa greenei floridanaSiricid larvae (Tremex, Eriotremex?) in dead deciduous trees
Megarhyssa macrurus
Siricid larvae (Tremex, Eriotremex?) in dead deciduous trees
Subfamily Tryphoninae
Tribe Phytodietini
Netelia spp.Larger exposed Lepidoptera larvae
Phytodietus rubellusSmaller exposed Lepidoptera larvae
Tribe Oedimopsini
Campothreptus nasutusUnknown
Tribe Tryphonini
Polyblastus pedalisSawfly larvae: Croesus, Cladus, Apareophora
Erromenus sp.Nematine sawfly larvae
Tribe Cteniscini
Cteniscus sp.Nematine sawfly larvae
Tribe Idiogrammatini
Idiogramma sp.Larvae of Xyela (Symphyta: Xyelidae)
in staminate cones of pines
Subfamily Brachycyrtinae
Brachycyrtus pretiosusPrepupae/pupae of chrysopid Neuroptera
Subfamily Labeninae
Labena grallator grallatorXylophagous beetle larvae
Subfamily Xoridinae
Odontocolon albotibialeXylophagous larvae
Odontocolon ochropusUnknown, but certainly wood borers (prob. Coleoptera)
Xorides (Exomus)
humeralis piceatus
Xylophagous beetle larvae
Xorides (Xorides) rileyiUnknown
Xorides (Xorides)
stigmapterus floridanus
Subfamily Gelinae
Tribe Gelini
Chirotica sp.Psychid Lepidoptera
Polyaulon sp.Unknown
Mastrus sp.Cocoons of Lepidoptera, Coleoptera, and of other Hymenoptera
Endasys patulusSawfly cocoons
Endasys rotundicepsUnknown
Endasys subclavatusUnknown
Endasys tyloidiphorusUnknown
Endasys aurariusUnknown
Phygadeuon sp.Cyclorrhaphous fly pupae
Dichrogaster sp.Chrysopid cocoons
Gelis sp.In cocoons, sacs of Lepidoptera, ichneumonids,
braconids, chrysopids, spiders
Tribe Mesostenini
Agrothereutes lophyriSawfly and Lepidoptera cocoons
Gambrus ultimusMostly Lepidoptera but some sawfly cocoons
Gambrus polyphemiUnknown
Gambrus extrematisUnknown
Gambrus bituminosusUnknown
Aritranis affabilisBorers in stems, twigs, grass culms: Lepidoptera, Hymenoptera
including tenthredinids, cephids, eumenids, Ceratina
Aritranis nubeculaUnknown
Ischnus cinctipesLepidoptera pupae
Ischnus lauraeUnknown
Baryceros audaxCocoons of eucleid moths
Baryceros candidusUnknown
Baryceros texanusUnknown
Mesostenus thoracicusLepidoptera cocoons: thin, frass or debris-covered,
or in short tunnels
Mesostenus eiseniiUnknown
Cryptanura banchiformisUnknown
Polycyrtus neglectusLepidoptera: Diaphania hyalinata
Diapetimorpha brunneaPresumably Lepidoptera prepupae/pupae
Diapetimorpha macula
Diapetimorpha introitaUnknown
Diapetimorpha rufigasterUnknown
Diapetimorpha acadiaUnknown
Lymeon cinctiventrisCocoons of Lepidoptera, chrysopids,
and spider egg cocoons
Lymeon orbusUnknown
Polycyrtidea floridanaLepidopterous pupae
Mallochia new species #1Unknown
Mallochia new species #2Unknown
Pachysomoides fulvusPolistes larvae, fuscatus group
Pachysomoides stupidusPolistes larvae, canadensis group
Acerastes pertinaxUnknown
Listrognathus nubilipennisUnknown
Listrognathus glomerataUnknown
Listrognathus rufitibialisUnknown
Listrognathus (Fenestula)
Messatoporus rufiventrisAculeate Hymenoptera nests, esp. Pompilidae
(Auplopus and Phanagenia)
Messatoporus discoidalisUnknown
Messatoporus compressicornisUnknown
Agonocryptus discoidaloidesColeoptera and Lepidoptera borers
in twigs and branches of woody plants
Subfamily Banchinae
Tribe Glyptini
Sphelodon phoxopteridisSmall Lepidoptera: Grapholitha, Choristoneura, etc
Glypta rufiscutellarisLepidoptera larvae in concealed in leaf rolls or buds
Tribe Lissonotini
Lissonota spp.Concealed Lepidoptera larvae
Syzeuctus laminatus
Concealed Lepidoptera larvae
Eudeleboea brachydocisConcealed Lepidoptera larvae
Tribe Banchini
Ceratogastra ornataNoctuid lepidoptera larvae in composite florets/heads
Banchus cressoniiMedium large lepidoptera larvae, esp. noctuids
Subfamily Scolobatinae
Tribe Ctenopelmatini
Ctenopelma new speciesProbably pamphiliid sawfly larvae
Xenoschesis (Polycinetis) sp.Typical subgenus reared from pamphiliid larvae
Tribe Pionini
Sympherta sp.Unknown
Tribe Mesoleiini
Alexeter sp.Unknown
Himerta leucofaciaCimbicid sawfly larvae in genus Zaraea
Tribe Euryproctini
Phobetes sp.Sawfly larvae: e.g., Ametastegia
Hyperallus caliroae sp.Sawfly larvae: Caliroa on Quercus oak
Subfamily Porizontinae
Casinaria grandis (= texana) Exposed large Lepidoptera larvae: e.g., Sibine stimulea
Casinaria spp.Exposed large Lepidoptera larvae
Venturia spp.Concealed microlepidoptera larvae
Rhimphoctona sp.Beetle larvae under bark: cerambycids
Bathyplectes sp.Weevil larvae: e.g., Hypera
Campoletis sp.Immature Lepidoptera larvae: noctuids
Dusona spp.Exposed Lepidoptera larvae, esp. geometrids
Diadegma spp.Small/medium Lepidoptera larvae
Hyposoter spp.Small, exposed Lepidoptera larvae
Echthronomas (probably
ochreofrons ochreofrons)
Lepidoptera larvae: e.g., Tigrioides, Crambidia
Subfamily Thersilochinae
Allophroides sp.Larvae of xyelid sawflies
Probles sp.Unknown
Stethantyx nearcticaUnknown
Diaparsis sp.Unknown
Subfamily Ophioninae
Thyreodon atricolor
Sphingid larvae
Enicospilus peigleriMedium, large Lepidoptera larvae
Enicospilus flavusMedium, large Lepidoptera larvae
Enicospilus glabratusMedium, large Lepidoptera larvae
Enicospilus dispilusMedium, large Lepidoptera larvae
Enicospilus doyleiMedium, large Lepidoptera larvae
Enicospilus americanusMedium, large Lepidoptera larvae
Enicospilus spp.Medium, large Lepidoptera larvae
Subfamily Mesochorinae
Mesochorus spp.Other ichneumonids, braconids, even tachinid Diptera, which
are themselves primary parasites on Lepidoptera, symphytan
Hymenoptera, Coleoptera, and even mirid Hemiptera
Subfamily Metopiinae
Metopius (Peltales) notatusLepidoptera: e.g., Gluphisia, Actias, and Acronicta
Colpotrochia fultoniUnknown
Leurus caeruliventris
Subfamily Anomalinae
Tribe Anomalini
Anomalon ejuncidumColeoptera, Lepidoptera larvae
Tribe Gravenhorstiini
Agrypon prismaticumDiverse Lepidoptera larvae
Agrypon alpinumUnknown
Agrypon dioryctiaeUnknown
Ophiopterus cincticornisUnknown
Ophionellus bridwelliLepidoptera: Gelechiidae, Oecophoridae, Olethreutidae,
Plutellidae, Tortricidae
Therion texanumLarger exposed Lepidoptera larvae: e.g., Arctiidae,
Noctuidae, Notodontidae
Therion new speciesUnknown
Heteroplema datanaeDatana (Notodontidae-this species),
other species on Lepidoptera larvae in Noctuoidea,
Geometroidea, and Sphingoidea
Subfamily Acaenitinae
Spilopteron formosumXylophagous beetle larvae: cerambycids
Spilopteron occiputaleXylophagous beetle larvae: cerambycids
Spilopteron new speciesXylophagous beetle larvae: cerambycids
Subfamily Helictinae
Gnathochorisis austrinusUnknown
Megastylus caseyiDiptera larvae: e.g., Orfelia
Subfamily Ichneumoninae
Tribe Ichneumonini
Protichneumon grandisSphingid Lepidoptera
Ichneumon azotusMany families of moths
Ichneumon magniscopaMany families of moths
Ichneumon pulcherMany families of moths
Ichneumon punctiferMany families of moths
Ichneumon violaMany families of moths
Pterocormus weemsiMany Lepidoptera families, esp. noctuids & arctiids
Orgichneumon calcatoriusLepidoptera: e.g., Heterocampa
Trogomorpha trogiformisLepidoptera: e.g., hesperiids
Protopelmus atrocoeruleusArctiid moths in genus Ecpantheria
Tricholabus adventicusNoctuids
Setanta comptaUnknown
Netanyacra leucopusLacinipolia (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae)
Cratichneumon variegatusLepidoptera: e.g., Citheroniidae, Noctuidae, Notodontidae
Cratichneumon fuscovariegatusLepidoptera: e.g., Citheroniidae, Noctuidae, Notodontidae
Cratichneumon pseudanisotaeLepidoptera: e.g., Citheroniidae, Noctuidae, Notodontidae
Cratichneumon vinnulusLepidoptera: e.g., Citheroniidae, Noctuidae, Notodontidae
Cratichneumon proximusLepidoptera: e.g., Citheroniidae, Noctuidae, Notodontidae
Cratichneumon paraparatusLepidoptera: e.g., Citheroniidae, Noctuidae, Notodontidae
Cratichneumon paratus
Lepidoptera: e.g., Citheroniidae, Noctuidae, Notodontidae
Cratichneumon floridensisLepidoptera: e.g., Citheroniidae, Noctuidae, Notodontidae
Cratichneumon flavipectus
Lepidoptera: e.g., Citheroniidae, Noctuidae, Notodontidae
Barichneumon libensSmaller Lepidoptera: e.g., Pyralidae
Barichneumon neosorexSmaller Lepidoptera: e.g., Pyralidae
Barichneumon archboldiSmaller Lepidoptera: e.g., Pyralidae
Barichneumon peramoenus
Smaller Lepidoptera: e.g., Pyralidae
Barichneumon carolinensisSmaller Lepidoptera: e.g., Pyralidae
Virgichneumon zebratusGeometrid Lepidoptera
Melanichneumon disparilis
Lepidoptera: Protoboarmia, Coryphista
Melanichneumon dreisbachiUnknown
Melanichneumon heiligbrodtiiUnknown
Melanichneumon honestus
Limonethe mauratorUnknown
Carinodes havanensisLepidoptera
Tribe Trogini
Gnamptopelta obsidianator
Sphingid Lepidoptera larvae on Vitis
Gnamptopelta obsidianator
Sphingid Lepidoptera larvae on Vitis
Tricyphus elegansSphingid Lepidoptera larvae: e.g., Ampeloeca
Trogus pennatorPapilionid and occasionally nymphalid Lepidoptera
Tribe Platylabini
Platylabus clarusLepidoptera, almost exclusively geometrids