Control of NATL's Invasive Plants

Below are five species that pose the greatest threat to NATL's ecosystems. We diligently monitor for these plants in hopes of preventing future infestations.

You can help preserve the integrity of NATL's ecosystems by reporting any sightings of these species!

Skunkvine Cogongrass Coral ardisia
Paederia foetida
Imperata cylindrica
Coral Ardisia
Ardisia crenata
Catsclawvine Air potato
Cat's-claw vine
Macfadyena unguis-cati
Air potato
Dioscorea bulbifera

Current control effots

Species of concern

Status of Control Efforts

Invasive Species Brochure

History of control efforts

Efforts to control invasive exotic plants in NATL, 1994-2012

List of species with links to map and control efforts, 1994-2012

We would like to acknowledge all of those who dedicated time to help manage invasive species in NATL including friends, volunteers, staff, students and faculty. In particular the following people have been instrumental in the management of invasive species, particularly plants, in NATL throughout the years: Thomas Walker (1994-present), Ken Prestwich (1995- present), Erick Smith (2004-present), Chris Benson (2005), Kevin Ratkus (2006-2008), Robert Guggenheim (2008-2010), Ethan Carter (2010-2016), Jessica Hong (2016-present)