Family Fun and K-12 Education

We welcome you to come and experience everything NATL has to offer. This area was planned to serve many groups. Please consider these guidelines to make NATL a place everyone can enjoy.

• NATL is open from dawn to dusk. bug camp callecting

• All photosigns and kiosks are written in a way which should be understandable by school age children 8th grade and up.

• NATL offers an exciting scavenger hunt for children and signs along the hammock trail feature quiz questions.

• Homeschoolers and boy/girl scout troops can find plenty to do and learn. NATL teaching assistants are available for large group tours by contacting us.

• Our neighbor the Florida Museum of Natural History offers a program for children K-8 called Nature Detectives which is hosted at NATL.

• The pavilion is available by reservation as long as activities are in keeping with NATL’s purpose i.e., to help students and the public learn about ecology and biotic diversity. Contact us for reservations.

• The part of NATL-west that lies south of Division Trail and all of NATL-east (see map) are designated for UF academic use only. Only UF students, faculty, and classes have free access for academic purposes. The reason access is restricted in these areas is to make them more suitable for student research projects that require equipment and markers to remain undisturbed.

• Stay tuned for citizen scientist projects taking place at NATL!

• Please remember NATL is part of the UF campus and is a tobacco-free zone.

• To learn more about NATL uses and parking information see the complete rules for using NATL.