UF Academic Use


NATL's primary purpose is as an outdoor teaching lab for UF students. Classes using NATL have priority over other users for pavilion reservations. Please remember that this area is intensively used and managed, so it is very important for students and faculty to follow the rules for using NATL.

UF students- learn how you can enhance the information infrastructure of NATL or get undergraduate research credit by contacting us.

• NATL is open from dawn to dusk. Students in NATL

• Activities in NATL should maintain or improve, rather than significantly diminish, the usefulness of the area for its purposes.

• The part of NATL-west that lies south of Division Trail and all of NATL-east are designated for academic use only.

• The pavilion is available by reservation as long as activities are in keeping with NATL’s purpose i.e., to help students and the public learn about ecology and biotic diversity.

• A special notice for log-rolling entomologists in NATL.

• The following types of activities must be pre-approved by the Natural Area Advisory Committee:

• Many come to NATL to ID animals based on their sounds so please keep noise to a minimum.

• Please remember NATL is part of the UF campus and is a tobacco-free zone.  

• To learn more about NATL uses and parking information see the complete rules for using NATL.